Empowering Women Entrepreneurs


Less than 5% of small business lending goes to women entrepreneurs


Up to 90% of minority and women owners were shut out of the Paycheck Protection Program


Only 12% of the Venture Capitalist’s decision makers are women


Women are more likely to launch a business than men, but men are more likely to be awarded a larger business loan.


Between 2014 and 2019 the number of women-owned businesses increased 21%, while total increased only 9%.


Only 0.91% of startups are funded by angel investors, while a measly 0.05% are funded by venture capital funds. The Small Business Administration (SBA) only funds 1.43%.  

Jade Lending is a social impact lending platform whose mission is to support and fuel the growth of women- and minority-owned businesses.

Jade Lending addresses the need for capital availability for the vast majority of companies that have been underserved by traditional lenders and are unable or unwilling to trade equity for cash flow.

We are a Very Different Lender​

We are different because, unlike all other institutional lenders, we’re not driven to make the most money we can on your loan. Our women investors have pooled their hard-earned funds to lend to our entrepreneurial borrowers under unique and customized payment terms. Our goal is to help as many women- and minority-owned companies succeed and grow. Our investors support that goal by sharing their wealth and we support our investors by promising a full return of their principle and nominal annual interest after five years of use.

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Growth Costs Cash

The faster you grow, the more cash you need for additional inventory, employees, equipment and space. Conversely, lack of ready cash limits the rate at which you can grow a company. Growth is necessarily incremental with incremental sales (customer payments) unless additional growth capital is made available.

Jade Lending offers small businesses, that are unlikely to qualify for or desire equity capital, growth capital with individually customized flexible repayment terms. Loans are proportional to future revenues as we support growth in revenue. Repayment terms are also proportional to incoming revenues – jointly decided and adjustable. And our Jade Lending investors offer a network for advice, resources and referrals. Our goal is to help your business grow. It is our first and biggest measure of success for Jade Lending.

There are major differences between business Growth Capital that comes as a form of debt, and equity growth capital. Equity capital requires giving up a portion of ownership in exchange for the growth funding.

While you may give up some equity in your company, you usually receive not only funding, but also a strategic relationship with the investor providing the equity (as it’s in the investor’s interest to maximize the company’s growth and profits).

Debt growth capital on the other hand doesn’t require giving up any ownership or equity in the company in exchange for funding. Therefore, debt growth capital is structured as loans or cash advances.

Typical loan terms can vary in interest rate and time of repayment. Failure to repay a loan may not only jeopardize your business but any collateral (like equipment or your home) you may have needed to use to gain the loan.

Unlike typical loans, Jade Lending designs repayment terms to support your company’s growth. Loans are designed to ensure you continue to have sufficient free cash on hand to run the growing business; repayments are made as you have excess cash on hand.

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Investments that Do Good for You AND Others

Are you in the fortunate position of having led a successful career and are looking for ways to give back? We specifically created Jade Lending to allow our generation of successful women entrepreneurs to support the next generation; not through hand-outs but through access to what we know was the most difficult asset to get as we started – capital as cash.

Our investors are willing to share their success to support new businesses by lending us their money for five years at a time. In return, our investors receive a return of their principle and nominal interest. They also are encouraged (not required) to participate in selection and mentoring of our borrowers.

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We provide loans on flexible terms along with a network for mentoring, resources and referrals.  We are not venture capitalists or angel investors nor do we require any equity stake in any business to which we lend.

Ready to Help Others Succeed?

Nearly every small business sets out with dreams of turning their company into a source of income that will provide the business owners with financial stability, while also doing their part to create good paying jobs for the United States economy. Having easily accessible and affordable capital is the difference between a growing company and one stuck in a rut of mediocrity.

As an investor in Jade Lending, you support these small businesses, not only with access to capital but, at your option, sharing your experience, networks and/or mentoring.

Investments in the Jade Fund are not charitable donations. Jade Lending manages your investment to support qualified borrowers.

You have the opportunity to make a positive impact with your money. You can take a proactive approach by building a strategic partnership with Jade Lending.

Our economy, and how financial lending works, is changing. Jade Lending is shifting how lending works by concentrating on the person behind the business, offering flexible funding, and developing relationships to whom we lend.

Join with us and supply qualified women- and minority-owned businesses with cash flow they need for growth. You can also choose to be a part of our network offering advice, resources, and referrals. Click below to start the conversation with us.
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Success Stories


Thank you for taking great care of us on our insurance. You and your team at Lintense have been wonderful to work with. Most agents wouldn’t answer a phone call on a beautiful Saturday morning on Memorial Day weekend to add a vehicle to a client’s policy. You did and it made our recent vehicle purchase quick, easy, and it saved me a trip back to the dealer.

Ronald Richards


Thank you for all your patient assistance during the state of confusion and helping us bundle everything together for auto and the house. It was a very time-consuming task and you helped put us at ease that day. We appreciate also that you used your experience and expertise to help save money on those three policies.

Kathryn Murphy

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